Elizabeth Peale Hind is an artist and educator with 23 years of teaching experience. She has taught elementary, middle school, and at the Master’s and doctoral level of university. Elizabeth’s research interests include lives of teachers; organizational culture; teacher-led school reform; hidden curriculum and pop culture; and inclusion, belonging, and school connectedness. She is also a methodologist who specializes in arts-based educational research methodologies, with special emphasis on poetic, narrative, and visual inquiries.

Elizabeth has presented nationally and internationally on collaborative practices and student-centered arts-based pedagogies across the curriculum, and she has written two chapters which will be published in the upcoming book, Journeys in Creativity: Learning by Doing Arts Based Research Dissertations.  She is also a contributing author to the upcoming book, Change and Liminality: Education in a COVID-19 World.

Through her work, Elizabeth seeks to amplify the authentic voices of teachers and contribute to the realization of a humanized educational world.

myopicsunflower is dedicated to Elizabeth’s creative activities.